How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock

If you’re happen to be in this website I’m sure that you are one of the people that looking for ways on how to remove iCloud activation lock, I will give you a solid knowledge about icloud activation that you will only found in this website.

What is iCloud Activation Lock?

In most cases many users of iPhone doesn’t know what is iCloud activation, iCloud activation is a safety feature that made by apple, it is one of the most great security features built by apple (thanks to Steve Jobs). iCloud activation features automatically enable when you open your iPhone for the first time, you will need to login your iCloud to get the most of this security feature, you can also detect your iPhone with iCloud Activation feature.


Why someone need to unlock their iCloud?

There are several reason why someone iphone is getting locked, the top reason is, if it’s happen that you have an iPhone that is about a year old or you haven’t touch your icloud for years and you totally forgot your password, this is really messed up (happened to me twice). And there is also an senario that someone wants to unlock their icloud mainly because they totally don’t know the password because they just stole that iPhone from someone else (I hope you are not these people) or just bought a secondhand iPhone without knowing that the old owner didn’t logout his/her iCloud or worst the iPhone blocked by owner himself/herself due to some reason.



Is there a way to Remove iCloud Activation Lock?

Luckily there is now a solution on that situation, there is now a bunch of people that is offering iPhone 6 iCloud bypass even on iPad, iPhone 5s and etc, you can even see them offering it thru Ads and it’s totally legit, but to remind you it is not for free, you will pay for their service in exchange of unlocking your iPhone.

You can also see a bunch of video tutorial on Youtube explaining how to unlock icloud, I tried to watch all of these videos and my head spins because there are so many steps that you need to do like bypassing dns, editing your dns setting, replacing it with the one that they will show you in the video. Personally, I don’t know if this method works but, as they showed on those video they actually unlock their icloud.

The one that I will show you today is the one that works for me smoothly, this method is free and works fast than other methods, many iCloud unlocking service really hate this online tool because their business is getting affected, but they can’t do anything about it.